Zand Trading® Advantages
  • Manages the product life cycle
  • Experts within all fields
  • Financial acumen
  • R&D specialists
Swedish Venture Capital Firm

Zand Trading®, is a Swedish marketing and investment firm focusing on emerging technologies.

Zand Trading offers unique and exciting advantage in the promotion and marketing of new products trends and connects venture, corporate and institutional investors, entrepreneurs and consumers, through its extensive worldwide network.

Our mission is to accelerate the process of what we believe is the next wave of development, manufacture and marketing and sales of product innovation.

Zand Trading® has invested and works with technologies in the following domains:

  • World market revolutionizing food nutrition and herbal products
  • Sport Beverages
  • Advanced medical technical products
  • Anti-aging dermatological products
  • Stem Cell Technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Real Estates

Address :

Zand Trading
Box 4095
300 04, HALMSTAD
Phone: +46-(0)736-77 99 70
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